In February, Democracy Vouchers were mailed out to every registered voter in Seattle.

Egan for Seattle is proud to be participating in the Democracy Voucher program, but first, we need to qualify. To qualify we need 150 Seattle residents to fill out the Statement of Support form below. Simply fill out the top half, scan and email it to, or mail it to Egan for Seattle, 119 1st Ave S, Suite 320, Seattle WA 98104.

Download Statement of Support


Please donate your Democracy Vouchers to our campaign!

BY MAIL: All you need to do is write in Egan’s name, sign them, and return them in using the pre-paid envelope the City of Seattle provided.

ONLINE: The City of Seattle just introduced an online option for donating your Vouchers. You can visit the online portal to donate, but need the Vouchers that were mailed to you to set up an account.

Lost or misplaced your Democracy Vouchers?

That’s ok –we can help you replace them! Please just email or call 206.682.7328