Let’s Work Together!

My opponent might as well have a sign on her door at the City Council: DO NOT ENTER. Many current councilmembers say that over the last three and a half years or more, they’ve met with her only two to three times—no more than once a year! In the district, community groups like the ones I lead and represent have tried reaching out to her to work on efforts that have significant impact on our neighborhoods, only to receive zero response or interest in listening and problem solving—let alone securing resources or assistance. Similarly, invitations to our councilmember to engage with citizen groups, non-profits, or small businesses all go unanswered. We’ve all read the reports that she serves and reports to a small group of unaccountable Socialist Alternative leaders, yet feels no responsibility to meet with or represent the constituents of her district. This must change; it isn’t the way the system was designed to work.

It’s time we had a councilmember who will listen to us when the cameras aren’t rolling and work to enact policies that benefit those of us in District 3. We know she fights against Amazon and other employers, but we need someone who will fight for us—the residents, working people, and families of District 3—one of the most diverse districts in the city. In my work, I’m on the ground every day creating healthy, safe neighborhoods and working across organizations to support residents and small businesses alike.

I will work with my fellow councilmembers, with citizen groups, non-profits, businesses small and large—whatever it takes to move our city forward and solve or mitigate the many problems we face and the opportunities we’ve failed to take.


Budget Transparency and Fiscal Accountability

We’re using your tax dollars, so we need to make sure we’re working to effectively address the issues that are important to you. We need to make the hard calls and defund organizations who aren’t doing the work we’re paying them to do. We need to improve audits and improve transparency. We must enforce business, vehicle, and pet licensing so that we create an even playing field and collect the revenue necessary to move Seattle forward.

Seattle voters are generous and want to put their money behind their values, something that makes this city great. But we can have both progressive leadership AND accountability. Let’s make sure that all the funds we currently have allocated are being used well. Let’s work to make city bureaucracies more efficient. Let’s give residents easy access to all city programs and services through an enhanced 3-1-1 network. Let’s collect on unrealized fees and rentals from a robust 5G rollout and expanded micro-mobility solutions.

We can use the money we have better and with more accountability. And we can lead on innovative solutions that provide long-lasting revenue for the programs we so desperately need.


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